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Dead Poets Society is a very successful movie that attracted a lot of attention with its screenplay. The fact that its screenplay was so good brought it the "Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay". In the film, we see how Welton Academy, a highly disciplined and respected school known for its strict educational rules, and its students are transformed by the new literature teacher Mr. Keating. Mr. Keating is also one of the former students of the school and is completely against the school's methods by adopting the principle of going beyond the stereotypes. He brings out the dreams of his students and gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams. He teaches them freedom, to understand life anew, to look at the world from different perspectives. However, this teaching, which is not in line with the philosophy of Welton Academy, does not go unnoticed by the Academy administration. Mr. Nolan, the school principal, holds the new literature teacher responsible for the suicide of one of his students (Neil Perry). He uses this as an excuse to force Mr. Keating to leave the school, but the reaction of the students who understand him makes Mr. Keating proud for one last time.

We liked this movie very much with its masterful acting, shooting and messages. It is about the success of an educator who goes beyond stereotypes and puts the student at the center. As we mentioned before, Mr. Keating is a former student of this school, but despite his academic success, he chose to become a literature teacher at this school. Mr. Keating, who has the passion and enthusiasm that a teacher has for his profession, with the successful acting of Robin Williams, has shown and proved to us in a very concrete way that the place of student psychology in education and the relationship between student and teacher, as well as providing a student with life skills in addition to technical and academic knowledge, should be the goal of every teacher, more importantly every educator. With "Dead Poets' Society", students who understand that poetry is a collection of words and thoughts will continue this association left behind by their teachers. A masterpiece that makes you question why you haven't seen it before. We highly recommend it.